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Spiral Tube Slide 1500
Spiral Tube Slide 1500
August 30, 2016
Stainless Steel Chain
Chain Stainless Steel 6mm
August 31, 2016
Spiral Tube Slide 1200
Spiral Tube Slide 1500
012 1800 Spiral Tube Slide (555 x 416)
Spiral Tube Slide 2400

Spiral Tube Slide 1200

The Spiral Tube Slide 1200 is a molded spiral slide. Ideal for all environments. Our plastic tube slides Will not get hot like stainless steel slides, are easily maintained and will not build up grime to hinder the sliding enjoyment. Our Spiral Tube Slide 1200 Playground Slide is the smaller slide to the Spiral Slide 2400, 1800 & 1500. Making an ideal addition to your playground and puts the fun back into the sliding experience.

Different colours are available for each item of the slide so get creative and make your curved slide stand out!! Manufactured in Australian and 100% rust free.

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Spiral Tube Slide 1200

Our unique Spiral Tube Slide 1200 Playground Slide is a great optional upgrade or add on to your playground. Our slides are manufactured by a process called Roto Moulding – this is the only way to produce a quality plastic product. A special blend of plastic beads infused with a high quality UV stabiliser are used in our Roto Moulding process. Put more fun back into the sliding experience. The Spiral Tube Slide 1200 is the smaller brother of the Spiral Tube Slide 2400, 1800 & 1500. With so many options how can you not consider this slide for your next project.  All our slides are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. We specialise in RUST FREE playgrounds.

Due to our manufacturing expertise we can make any item to your exact requirements. You dream it and we will build it. No project is too big for us and with over 30 years experience in the industry we offer many services that our competitors can not. We are the distributors for many of the top brands of playground equipment in Australia.

Did we also mention that we offer installation as well and have dedicated quality assured installers available.

Spiral Tube Slide 1200 Information:

Qplay are Australian manufacturers of the rust free commercial playgrounds for governments & schools around Australia.

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