Manor Lakes

Manor Lakes situated in Weeribee VIC was an exciting challenge for QPlay as the designer and builder of this project in conjunction with Leisure Sport Turf as the installer.
The brief from our customer was to make the playground as exciting and appealing as possible within a list of “Must Haves” from the client.
A large play area was set aside and six different playgrounds were combined to make one GIANT playground.
Main Slide Tower: Standing at almost 6meters was designed to be noticed and become a stand out in the Werribee area.
Agility Area: Chosen due to its unique design of combining exercise and play.
Spida Lair: This is an enormous structure and the pictures do not give it justice. This is a multi climb play item and stands out in the play area.
Micro Spida: A series of small climbing Teepee style climbing towers combined to make a unique climbing event and offer numerous challenges for the users.
Megatoy: A tradition playground was also required and as such our very popular Megatoy themed design was chosen.
Flexi Sway: A “Chill Out Zone” was requested and we put forward the Flexi Sway to our customer. We have now found that as a teaching aide this is by far the most amazing piece of playground equipment we have ever put into a playground. Students can be found resting on this doing homework, reading a book or having a conversation while gentle swaying.

The soft fall has been laid in an undulating fashion to create atmosphere with rises and dips coupled with the artificial turf on top of rubber soft fall the end result is amazing.