Installation & Manufacture

QPlay Installation & Manufacture

QPlay has been designing and manufacturing playgrounds and playground spare parts for over 20 years. The company has established a reputation as leaders in design, innovation and quality. We have adopted a professional approach to our design and manufacturing process with a distinct difference to other playground companies. Our motto of "You Dream It And We Will Build It" is confirmed when you look at the product range we now carry. Our departure from old industry play design to creating play environments which include educational and true "Play Value" is our new direction. This is backed up by the current trend in playground design to offer a stimulating and rewarding play environment. QPlay offers customers peace of mind by offering the following:- Maintenance Management System: Warranties up to 20 Years: Product and Public Liability: Spare Parts service and back up: Design Services: Supply capabilities - 6 weeks from order: Fully compliant with the Australian Safety Standards AS/NZS4685:2014.

Our products should be your first choice. As children grow and develop their cognitive, muscular and co-ordination skills, the need for new challenges is now imperative to encourage children to move out from the indoors to once again enjoying the great outdoors. Playgrounds of old comprised of mainly static, non flexible boring components that did little if any to stimulate children to explore a play area/activity. This is why QPlay has taken the approach of creating new playgrounds that provide an experience each time children play, greatly increasing their play value which leads to children wanting to re-visit the play area. Well designed, flexible activities provide movement, stimulation and excitement using simple ACTION-REACTION dynamics, ensuring new challenges as children grow in confidence. Talk to our sales staff about our new designs today.

Why is QPlay the choice of many local governments and schools? We believe that our customers want to invest in quality!, durability and lasting strength! Therefore these qualities start with our approach to using only premium grade products and materials such as marine grade aluminium, stainless steel and hi-quality treated galvanised steel. All our coatings are done to exceed Australian Standards giving all our products longer life in your playground. QPlay designs offer our consumers products with low maintenance costs providing a play area that families can actively enjoy their play experience and want to return time after time.


Megatoy Spare parts

Megatoy Spare Parts

QPlay is now the authorised supplier of the full range of Megatoy spare parts across Australia. We currently hold most spare parts in stock and are manufacturing spare parts continually. QPlay offer steel panels and the like to be manufactured and supplied out of stainless steel if rust is a continual issue in your location.

QPlay also manufacture a Megatoy style of playground that has interchangeable parts with your current Megatoy playground. Browse our site, you will see QPlay manufactures playgrounds similar to the Megatoy style. All our decks are heavy duty, no rust, with an excellent warranty made from 5mm aluminium tread plate that carries a very long warranty lasting virtually a lifetime.


QPlay supply replacement decks to suit all playgrounds. Our deck is made from 5mm alluminium tread plate and has been designed to out perform and out last any competitors deck system. Whether you have an Ausplay, Megatoy, Play Space, a_space, Man-O-War or any other brand playground QPlay should be your first call for any replacement deck. We also supply deck clamps to suit the replacement decks so look no further than QPlay for all your playground needs. The QPlay clamping system allows a whole new range of HDPE panels to be fitted to your playground generating new life into playgrounds like Ausplay 127mm post system and many others.